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Dateline Hotel Taveuni

The Total theme of course also includes support for a blog via the standard posts. All you need to do is add your posts like normal and then setup your blog page to display your latest posts. You have 3 methods you can use to create your “main” blog page. You can use the blog template, use the WordPress reading settings or use the Visual Composer to insert your posts on any page. Below you will find the various methods for setting up the blog page as well as instructions on adding your posts.

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Tavoro Waterfalls

Pack a lunch and head over to explore the three waterfalls at Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island. Enjoy the stunning scenery while swimming in the beautiful natural pool or why no cliff jump? The hike up to the other waterfalls offers astonishing views all the way to the coast.

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Waitavala Rock Waterslide

A must-do experience in Taveuni. Make like a local at the Waitavala Water Slide. Take a short walk through the forest and follow the lead of the village kids at this natural fun park. You can shoot down the cascading water on a natural rock slide and splash into the pool at the bottom.

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